Main Types of Metal Roofing Supplies

Whether you are a homeowner looking for supplies to upgrade your current roof or a contractor looking to source materials for your client's roofing project, you have to ensure you buy the right metal roofing supplies suitable for your project. Making the right decision when it comes to metal roofing supplies is only possible when you have a proper understanding of the various options available. Here are the main types of metal roofing materials available:


Steel is one of the most commonly used roofing materials. It is the preferred roofing choice thanks to its affordability, light weight and high strength, which means steel roofs generally have a longer lifespan. Although generally referred to as steel roofing, most steel roofing materials are coated with other metals through galvanization. Galvanizing metal roofs helps improve their corrosion resistance. When you purchase steel metal roofing supplies, they always come with coloured finished and not bare steel. Thanks to their durability and outstanding corrosion resistance, steel roofs are ideal for different roofing applications, particularly where there is a need for great aesthetics and high durability like schools, business premises and homes.


Aluminium is slowly becoming a popular roofing solution thanks to its corrosion resistance, which exceeds that of steel. Aluminium roofs also come with an artificially coloured finish; this is because bare aluminium loses its shine as it ages. Aluminium is one of the lightest metals you can find; it is malleable and can easily be formed into different kinds of shapes. Although more expensive than steel, its high corrosion resistance makes it the ideal roofing material in salty, coastal locations.


Copper metal is the most expensive of all roofing materials. However, it does come with several advantages such as beautiful colour, which eliminates the need for any kind of artificial finish. Copper is strong and offers outstanding corrosion resistance; this adds to its durability, which can last for decades. Its outstanding durability makes it one of the most durable roofs you can find. Although slightly heavier than steel, it can still be considered a lightweight roofing material and therefore suitable for a number of roofing applications.


Zinc roofing, just like copper, also has a great look to it, making it a beautiful way to enhance the aesthetics of a building. Zinc also has an impressive lifespan too and does not require frequent maintenance. It is soft in nature, which means that contractors do not need to acquire special tools when working with zinc.