Create An Open Plan Living Space In Your Shipping Container Home With These Timber Products

Shipping container homes are an increasingly popular option for Australians wishing to build their own home. Shipping containers provide a strong and inexpensive frame for a home and can be used in a wide variety of configurations.

A common and practical way to create a spacious shipping container home is to use two shipping containers set out parallel to each other with a wide space between them. This space can then be covered to create a large open plan living area which connects the two containers. To frame this living area, you'll need to use the following timber building materials.

Roof trusses

To create the frame for the roof you'll need to use timber roof trusses. Trusses are lightweight but strong and can be cut to size before delivery, making it fast and easy to construct your roof frame. Because you'll be using the shipping containers to bear the weight of the trusses, you won't need to build the support structure that's required in standard housing construction.

When deciding on the shape of your roof, it's important to ensure that it has a slight pitch to facilitate drainage. It's also a great idea to extend the roof to cover the shipping containers as well. Although this will cost you more for materials, it will provide your containers with much-needed insulation and make the entire home more waterproof.

A flooring system

The living space between the shipping containers will need a floor, and the easiest way to create one is to buy a prefabricated flooring system. These systems are manufactured to your exact specifications and delivered to your building site ready to install. You'll also be given an easy to follow installation guide which will allow you to complete the job yourself.

The flooring system will contain the floor trusses, structural ply flooring panels, and all of the fixings required to put the system together. Some truss suppliers will also provide you will under-floor insulation materials and timber floorboards to use as interior floor coverings.

Framing timber

Many people use the spaces at each end of the living area to install large windows. This is a great way to allow plenty of natural light into the interior of the home. If this is your intention, then you'll also need to purchase framing timber to house the windows and create exterior walls.

Your frame can be made to measure and delivered on site ready to assemble. Many roof truss and timber supply companies can also pre-assemble the frames, making it even easier for you to install them.

Using these timber products makes the building process fast and simple. It no time at all, you'll have the bare bones of your new home constructed and ready for the next step.