Why Fibre Cement May Be the Best Choice for Your Home’s New Roof or Siding

When you think about getting a new roof or siding for your home, you may not think of cement as an option. However, fibre cement is a bit different than the cement used to make walkways and driveways, and it is a very strong and durable choice that is actually very attractive. If your contractor has suggested fibre cement, or if you are looking for an affordable and eco-friendly option for a new roof or siding, consider a few reasons why you might opt for this material.

What makes up fibre cement

Fibre cement is not the same as concrete used for walkways, as mentioned above. This material is composed of cement, cellulose or wood fibre, sand, and other components. This makes fibre cement lighter than standard concrete but still very durable and strong. The materials are also sustainable, meaning they're plentiful and easy to harvest. Fibre cement can also be made with recycled cellulose or wood fibre, keeping this material out of landfills and reducing the amount of new materials that need to be harvested for producing new roofing and siding.


Fibre cement siding and roofing may last several decades before it needs to be replaced, although it may need a fresh coat of paint every few years to keep the colour true. The cellulose component of fibre cement also gives it a slight elasticity, so it's less prone to dents, dings, warping, cracking, and other damage that is typical with aluminium siding. Fibre cement does not become brittle and then crumble and flake away, like asphalt roofing shingles typically do. The material also does not hold mould and mildew and is very fire resistant, so it's a good choice for any area with heavy rainfall or high humidity levels, as well as any home at risk of lightning strikes or brushfires.


You may assume fibre cement looks like concrete, but this material can be painted and shaped to resemble a wide range of other materials, including metal, brick, stone, wood, and slate. If you've always wanted a slate or metal roof but couldn't afford the installation costs, or like the look of stacked brick or stone for the exterior of your home, fibre cement can be a good alternative. An installer can create a unique look with various shapes and colours so that your home's exterior surfaces look their best while still being affordable and durable.