Top Considerations When You’re Looking to Re-Roof With Tiling

Thinking of renewing your residential roof with tiling? This is a job you must think through carefully because the roof is your home's first line of protection from inclement weather elements such as rain, ice, snow, strong winds and direct sunlight. Here are some top factors you must review before deciding to renew your roof with tiling.

Can your existing roof carry the weight of new roofing tile?

It all comes down to whether you are re-tiling or installing roof tiling for the first time. Roof tiles are typically made of fired clay or concrete, and standard tiles are generally heavy and weighted. Some existing roofs can't carry the weight of standard tile because they were initially built to support lighter roofing materials like metal roofing. In such a situation, the entire roof assembly may have to be torn down and new one installed to support the weight of standard-weight roof tiles. Installing lightweight tiles would be the cheaper option. When re-tiling, however, the existing roof may only have to be inspected for moisture or water damage, so that repair work can be carried out before new roof tile can be installed. 

What roof tile colour should you choose?

Many homeowners think that aesthetics is the only thing that matters when choosing roof tile colour. Nothing could be further from the truth. The colour of your roof tiles will not only impact the look of your home exteriors but also affect its energy performance. While you'd want to choose roofing tile that looks good on your home and blends in with neighbouring homes, it is also vital to choose tile that will help lower your monthly energy expenses. 

Generally speaking, light-coloured tiles take in less heat compared to tiles with darker colours. As a result, lighter roofing tiles would be a perfect choice for homes located in areas that receive plenty of sunny weather for the most part of the year. 

Does your local building codes allow it?

Some local building departments impose restrictions on which type of roofing tile can and cannot be installed in certain areas. Therefore, it is a good idea to check roofing restrictions before renewing your roof with tiling.

A local roof tiling specialist can assess your situation and help you choose the right tiles for your roof renewal. So, it is a clever move to consult a roof tiling specialist before making a final decision.