How to Clean Your Metal Roof

A clean metal roof can provide a great look for your property. However, cleaning your roof can be dangerous. Here are some steps that you should take during metal roof cleaning

Weather conditions

You should clean your roof when the sky is cloudy. This is because the metal can act as a mirror, reflecting the sunlight and affecting your vision. Additionally, you should clean your roof when it is dry in order to reduce the risk of slipping.  

Where to clean your roof

You should use a ladder to reach your roof. Only step onto safe areas on the roof. If there is an area you cannot safely reach, do not try to wash it by hand. You can use a hose to reach areas that are farther away.  

Clean your roof with someone else

You should not clean your roof alone. You should have someone else to hold the ladder, observe you, warn you of hazards and someone that can call emergency services if necessary.

How to clean your roof

When you are cleaning your metal roof, you should use a safety harness. You should fix this to a safe fitting such as your chimney. The equipment that you need to use will differ depending on the structure of the roof.

You should first try cleaning your roof with water. Water is typically more effective than cleaners which can mark the roof. You should use a pressurised hose to clean your roof. If this does not clean the area, then use a mild detergent mixed with water. You should use a soft sponge or cloth for cleaning. Once you have washed the roof with this solution, you should rinse it off with water to prevent any streaks from occurring. If the roof is still dirty, keep slowly wiping any problem areas until the dirt is removed. Depending on the specific materials used for your roof, you may be able to use a stronger cleaner. Your roof manufacturer or roofer can recommend which products you can use.

Do not step on areas that are covered with dirt or leaves. If you need to pass through these areas, you should wash them and wait for them to dry before stepping further.

The best way to clean your metal roof is to wash downward from a higher point of the roof.

A roofer can also be employed to clean your roof. Contact professionals in your area for more information.