2 Signs Your Roof Needs Repair Work

While roofing is designed to a long time, it is not completely immune to damage or wear and tear. As the roof of your home ages, it can begin to succumb to the effects of weather and changes in temperature which can make it brittle. It is important that you are able to spot the signs that your roof needs repairs. If you do repair your roof, it may fail and begin to leak leading to greater problems. Read More 

Which Metals Can You Choose For Your Roofing?

Typically, when some people consider metal roofing they assume the only material available to them is aluminium. Granted, aluminium roofing does happen to be one of the more popular options since it is highly durable as well as corrosion resistant. Nevertheless, it is not the only metal that you could choose when constructing new roofing for your home. Read on to learn about the pros and cons of aluminum roofing and another common alternative—copper roofing. Read More 

Why Fibre Cement May Be the Best Choice for Your Home’s New Roof or Siding

When you think about getting a new roof or siding for your home, you may not think of cement as an option. However, fibre cement is a bit different than the cement used to make walkways and driveways, and it is a very strong and durable choice that is actually very attractive. If your contractor has suggested fibre cement, or if you are looking for an affordable and eco-friendly option for a new roof or siding, consider a few reasons why you might opt for this material. Read More 

3 Sure Signs That Your Commercial Building Needs a New Roof

Never overlook signs of needed roof repair, or signs that the roof needs replacing altogether, when you own a commercial building; your heating and cooling costs are probably already very high for a large commercial building, and the building's roof helps to insulate the interior. If the roof is in poor condition, this will mean even higher utility costs throughout the year. Note some sure signs that your building's roof is in need of repair or outright replacement, and then call a roofing contractor as needed. Read More 

Top Reasons Why You Need to Clean Your Roof As Required

Roof cleaning is a critical part of routine roof maintenance service. Yet, it is one of the most overlooked things when it comes to roof upkeep. Many homeowners simply don't fancy going up their on roofs to remove dirt, debris, mould, moss, algae and other foreign elements before they can build up on the roof surface. These homeowners are often oblivious to the many benefits that they stand to gain by having their roofs effectively cleaned on a scheduled basis. Read More